Skip Bin Safety

Whether you’re spring cleaning and getting rid of stocked up rubbish, moving to a totally new place, or just renovating, hiring a skip would be a great solution to all of these. Skip bins are great for disposing of large amounts of waste that cannot be handled by your traditional community garbage collector. In order to get the best out of this innovative waste disposal system, it’s best you are aware of skip bin safety guidelines.
  1. Fire Prevention
    While you’re allowed to dispose of almost anything into a skip bin. For skip bin safety reasons, flammable materials such as petrol, chemicals, solvents, electronics and electrical equipment may pose as a fire hazard. If ever a fire occurs, to prevent it from getting worse, make sure your bin is at least ten metres away from any buildings that could have garbage containing flammable packing materials and combustibles.
  2. Chemical Waste
    Hazardous materials and chemicals that must not be disposed of into a skip bin including batteries, oil, asbestos, gas bottles, petrol and explosives. For skip bin safety reasons, all hazardous waste must be cleared, collected and handled by professionals from the proper facilities. These materials usually are labelled with a warning that they are harmful to the environment, and there are severe consequences for those who dispose of these items irresponsibly.
  3. Loading the Bin Evenly
    To make sure the skip bin doesn’t fall over, it’s best that it is loaded evenly for collection. You can do this by making sure as much as possible, there are no spaces left unfilled. It could lose balance and tip the truck, making it highly dangerous for the driver and other vehicles on the road.
  4. Do not Crush Your Waste
    If your skip is already too full and you want to add in more things, do not try to push all the waste down forcefully from the top, and do not jump inside especially. There might be objects in the bin that could hurt your arms or feet, leaving you with lacerated skin, broken bones, bruises or sprains–or worse, you could get stuck inside.
  5. Overloading
    Never overfill your skip bin. It becomes more challenging to transport when it is fuller, not just that but there are laws on the Sunshine Coast against this and you could risk being fined. During transportation, remember that if your skip bin is too heavy it could become a safety risk to other cars on the road. Consider hiring a larger skip bin if you need more room.
There are reasons why skip bins are hired and not just bought at stores. It is not just a household item, therefore it’s best to respect the disposal methods to ensure safe waste removal.
While you might feel like a skip is just a bigger bin, it’s more dangerous and shouldn’t be treated like a common household item. There’s a reason why skip bins are hired out, transported and collected by professionals. By respecting this method of disposal, you get to benefit from a safe mass waste removal system.
If you have more concerns about guidelines, feel free to get in touch with Sandman Skips. We offer skip bins in a variety of sizes to meet your waste removal needs. Get your free, no obligations quote today.

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