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3 Cubic Metre – Skip

  • Length: 2.4m, Width:1.5m, Height 1.0m
  • Small to medium skip. Its capacity is about the same as 4.2 standard box trailers
  • Included weight 2 tonne
  • Excess weight charged at $132 per tonne
Sandman Skip Bin

4 Cubic Metre – Skip

  • Length: 2.6m, Width:1.5m, Height 1.23m
  • Medium skip. Its capacity is about the same as 5.6 standard box trailers
  • Included weight 4 tonne
  • Excess weight charged at $132 per tonne
Skip Bin Hire

6 Cubic Metre – Skip

  • Length: 3.85m, Width:1.5m, Height 1.2m
  • Medium to large skip. Its capacity is about the same as 8.4 standard box trailers
  • Included weight 6 tonne
  • Excess weight charged at $132 per tonne
8m Skip Bin

8 Cubic Metre – Skip

  • Length: 4.15m, Width:1.5m, Height 1.5m
  • Large skip. Its capacity is about the same as 11.2 standard box trailers
  • Included weight 8 tonne
  • Excess weight charged at $132 per tonne

Standard 6’ x 4’ box trailer size used for above comparisons;  1.8m long x 1.2m wide x .330m deep

Sandman Skips for Hire

The value of skip bins can never go unnoticed. These nifty large bins are a lifesaver for homeowners and businesses working on demolition and industrial construction sites. Made for storing and transporting a variety of materials and rubbish, you can find the perfect one for your needs at Sandman Skips on the Sunshine Coast.

The Perfect Fit for All Your Needs

When you require waste material storage, it’s vital that you have reliable bins to collect all that needs disposing of. Our range of skip bins for hire is ideal for residential and commercial use. From general household material and rubbish, green garden waste to renovation debris, our skips are equipped to contain tonnes of whatever needs holding.

Stellar Service, Every Time!

Sandman Skips is devoted to providing customers with efficient and superior customer service when they need it the most. Our approach to delivering affordable solutions to our customers’ waste material storage requirements has set us apart from our competitors. We set ourselves apart by being able to provide a range of services including skip bins for hire, with residential renovation work and commercial waste management bins ranging from between 3 to 8 cubic meters.

We also offer demolition services where we’ll carry out partial as well as full house demolition, as per your requests, in a safe, steady and hassle-free manner. And because we understand the necessity for safe construction and project sites, we can also provide temporary fencing to reduce theft, prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the site as well as creating a professional looking work environment.

Ensuring The Sunshine Coast Is Environmentally Conscious

Protecting the integrity of the environment starts in your household. When you make a conscious decision to making greener choices, you’re adding to our ecosystem’s sustainability. At Sandman Skips, we pride ourselves on having a positive impact on how people remove rubbish and other bulk waste materials with our skip bins in Sunshine Coast.

Need A Cleanout, Call Sandman Skips!

Our team will make sure that all your skip bin needs are met, saving you money by providing competitive rates on all skip bins for hire and a quick turn around on delivery. Get in touch with us today for more assistance.

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