Loading General Waste in a Skip Bin

So now that you’ve hired a skip bin to dispose of rubbish, it’s best you know the guidelines to loading general waste in a skip bin to ensure you do not end up damaging the bin and your trash is safely removed from your premises. Here are some things to remember:
If you have hired your bin for a number of days, it is recommended that you do not wait until the last day before loading general waste in a skip bin. Who knows? Life could get in the way and delay your plans, causing you to have to extend your skip bin hire.
It is best to be strategic when loading general waste in a skip bin, therefore all flat items should be placed at the bottom. We highly recommend not to let these rest on the side or end of the bin or risk leaving a cavity under the item. As much as possible the waste be disposed of well for further recycling and repurposing in the future.
The next items to be loaded are larger items such as furniture. Once it is packed properly, you may now add in the smaller items to fill in the spaces. By loading everything as tightly as possible, you have more space to fit in more things in the bin.
Just in case you are loading kitchen items such as a fridge or cupboards, we recommend you lay them facing upwards so you can open their doors and lay smaller items inside them. As with disposing of any trash, it works wonders if you break up bigger items into smaller items to save bin space.
Other materials such as chipboard furniture and timber can be laid on their bottom back corner, this is because the diagonal force allows it to easily break into flat pieces. For mattresses, these can be added in last to lay on top of all the rubbish. The maximum size should be a queen size bed that fits snugly into any 4 and 6 cubic metres sized bins.
Make sure to only fill to the top rim of the bin. There should be a line that tells you where the limit is. This way nothing spills over and it is transported safely by our skip bin drivers.
Please remember that we are very strict and do not take any tyres, asbestos, hazardous waste, or liquids in our skips. Each skip bin size has a weight limit that you must be aware of. Although, as long as you follow the general waste guidelines such as no dirt, bricks, concrete, building or renovation materials in the bin, then your rubbish should be within the weight limit.
Sandman Skips just wants to take the best care and ensure you have a good experience with your skip bin, feel free to get in touch if you would like to hire a skip bin and receive a free quote.

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