FAQ’s about Sandman Skips and skip bin hire

What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre (m3) is a unit of measure (1m high x 1m wide x 1m long).
Sandman Skips suggests that customers refer to a level box trailer in order to visualise what an approximate cubic metre may look like (it is actually a little more than a standard 6’x4’ box trailer).

How long can I hire the skip bin for?

The general hire period for skip bins is up to seven (7) days. If you require the skip bin for less than seven days, there is no reduction in the quoted price. If you require the bin for longer than seven days, please contact us for extended hire rates.

How do I pay for the skip bin?

Sandman Skips has a range of payment options, such as our online ordering system, credit card over the phone, direct deposit or c.o.d.

To what level can I fill the skip bin?

Bins may be filled to the top rail and no higher.

As it is illegal to transport overloaded bins, the Sandman Skips drivers cannot accept the bin if the waste inside exceeds the bin capacity or is higher than the top rail.

How much notice is required for booking?

For skip bin hire in Sunshine Coast, Sandman Skips requires 24 hours notice for booking. Depending on the availability of skip bins, if you contact us before 10am on the same day the skip is required, Sandman Skips may be able to deliver a bin that same day.

Can I put the skip bin on the footpath?

Yes, however, it is important that the bin does not block pedestrian access.
Some Councils, may require permits which is up to the customer to arrange.

What can’t I put into the skip bin?

You cannot put oil, chemicals, paint, perishable food items or liquid concrete into the skip bin.

Can I put car tyres into the skip bin?

Yes you can, however car tyres will incur a $6.50 per tyre surcharge.

Can I move the skip bin after it is delivered?

Generally, no.

The driver will deliver your skip to a location that is usually both practical for the customer and allow for truck access to collect the bin. If for some reason you require the bin to be moved after delivery, then please call our office to discuss your requirements.

Why are the Sandman Skips delivery guys so handsome?

Some people are just born lucky we guess. But don’t worry there’s always inner beauty to focus on.

What happens if I damage the skip bin?

We understand normal wear and tear occurs when using a skip bin. However if by careless action the bin is damaged, then you will incur the cost of repairing or replacing the skip bin.

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