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No job is too big or small for us! Sandman will happily take on your demolition job whether it be a full house demolition, asbestos removal or even just a small bathroom strip out. We are the Sunshine Coast’s preferred demolition company and ensure that all sites are left safe and clean in preparation for your new project.

Demolition Contractors on the Sunshine Coast

Residential properties rarely stay in their optimal state for decades. Elements that can be absolutely out of the home owner’s control like time, weather, and accidents can significantly influence a house’s functionality and external appeal.

There are times when home renovations just don’t cut it anymore. Sometimes, demolishing and rebuilding can serve you better by allowing you to create a structure that is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

However, demolition projects often demand a lot of planning and paperwork. The execution of the demolition job, itself, also has to be carefully executed with streamlined processes to ensure safety and efficiency.

Choosing a professional demolition team is important to ensure that the demolition of your home is done safely, efficiently, and quickly. Here’s what you need to look for in a professional demolition company:

Industry knowledge and assistance

There are processes that need to be followed before the actual demolition process. One of the things you need to look into if you’re planning to demolish your house is the property’s council records. Check whether it is in the Heritage Property Database, or if it is an integral part of your area’s neighborhood plans.

If a property is part of the Heritage Property Database, demolition may be discouraged by authorities. If your property is not part of the Heritage Property Database, you will need to get council-approved demolition permits. At Sandman Skips, we help you work through most, if not all, paperwork involved in the pre-demolition process. As the papers are being processed, you can rest assured that you will be updated on each milestone so you’re aware of the progress in the pre-demolition phase.

Complete pre-demolition preparation and planning

In order to ensure that everything in the demolition process goes smoothly, we do complete preparation and planning beforehand. This includes disconnecting the plumbing and making sure that the power sources are properly taken care of.

Safe and efficient demolition process

A proper demolition process demands an efficient method where everyone’s safety is the top priority. At Sandman Skips, we make sure to cover the parameters of the demolition with temporary fencing to ensure that no stray animals or curious onlookers accidentally harm themselves by getting into the area. The demolition process is also done in a way that’s fast and efficient, but as less disruptive to others as possible.

Post-demolition measures

Once a demolition job is done, you can expect to see a lot of rubbish, sand, and dust all over the place. The professional contractors you choose to work with should be able to properly segregate and dispose of the rubbish as mandated by law. To ensure that your site is clean, dust control and runoff processes must also be done which should leave you with a clean workable site.

The steps you take when transforming your home will greatly affect its end result. When looking for a demolition company to help you out, make sure to look for ones who are able to do the job quickly and effectively.

At Sandman Skips, we aim to help our clients get a clear space in a way that’s fast and efficient. This is why we offer professional demolition services that aim to make the entire process as easy and as hassle-free as possible for them. If you’re looking for a demolition team to work on your home before your project build begins, you can book an appointment with us so we can discuss in detail how we can possibly help you.

At Sandman we can meet all your demolition requirements.

If you’re considering demolishing your old house for a new build or development project, feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

Our services include removal of any buildings including fire damaged structures, both full and partial demolitions as per each customer’s individual requirements.

We can remove your old shed or strip out your bathroom leaving it ready for renovation.

Swimming Pool Demolition

We can even remove your old in-ground swimming pool and install compacted fill to your requirements.

Contact the Sandman contractors today to inquire how we can help you with your demolition needs! 1300 550 442

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